Who is Robert Gallant? – Exclusive Author Interview

Some dreams don’t sail away; perhaps they were built to stay, engaging ever strongly than the tides that chase them at bay.

Robert Gallant used to devote most of his time, energy and intellect on Chemical Engineering, on the belief that it is in Science and Math that he works best. Although he put his love for journalism aside, fate somehow maneuverer him to rekindle this old love as he wrote countless articles published in scientific journals, as well as books in technology and management. His dream, however, to become a fiction novelist never wavered despite being pushed to the backseat.

Following his retirement, Robert or “Bob” as he is called by many, decided to follow the call of his dreams.

After exploring impossible breakthroughs in science and technology, Gallant now swims through the vast waters of fiction writing, this time exploring impossible revolutions in mystery thrillers.

In his latest brainchild, Gallant axes off the untouchable walls of the Vatican City and creates an adventure that opens the little state into the more dangerous side of reality. While the Vatican is often depicted as one of the safest, most secure countries in the world, Gallant’s brilliance touches on the loopholes of its barriers and brings forth a robbery— a heist like no other.

We sat down with Robert Gallant to ask some questions about his writing journey:

Q. What made you to decide to be an author?

I enjoyed creating adventure stories as a kid.  While taking high school biology, I pretended I was swallowed by a giant sea serpent and befriended by a huge antibody.  Together we travelled throughout the body, seeing how it worked and going through an exciting adventure at each location. I told myself that someday I would write exciting novels that also provided important information to the reader.  During my career in technology/business, I wrote technology articles that were very popular with readers.  I published over 50 articles in science journals and 3 books on technology that became references at colleges and in technology businesses.  After I retired, I set out to fulfill my lifelong dream of writing fiction novels that were both suspenseful and also provided readers with meaningful knowledge in technology, culture, history and/or geographic locations.  To do that, I spend over a year of intense research on every novel I write.

Q. Who is your ideal book audience? What do they look like, dream about, think about, worry about, get frustrated by, are motivated by? 

 A very wide range of adults, men and women, teenagers.  They are eager to read books that challenge their intellect about new technologies, geographic areas and cultures, ancient civilizations, etc as well as being an intense suspenseful story.

Q. If you could tell your younger writing self-anything, what would it be? 

I was wise to wait until I retired to do my novel writing, because doing it well would have detracted too much of my time from my wife and three sons.

Q. Did you ever consider writing under a pseudonym?

No. I like my author name as Robert Gallant

Q. How did publishing your first book change your process of writing? 

I realized that getting novels published and publicized is extremely involved and it is critical to avoid the scams and end up with very reliable, experienced companies.

Q. What are the most important magazines for writers to subscribe to?  

For my type of writing, magazines like National Geographic and Scientific American provide knowledge on a wide range of historical cultures and events; plus providing leading edge information on medical and scientific technology.  The inspiration for four of my novels came from articles in those magazines.  Newspaper articles triggered the plots for my other two novels.

Q. What do you owe the real people upon whom you base your characters?

   None of my major characters is based upon a specific real person.

Q. What does literary success look like to you?

I want the reader to find it impossible to put the book down.  They keep turning to the next page.  And I want them to gain knowledge that they didn’t have before.  I was pleased when a nurse told me that my THE ARMAGEDDON VIRUS novel did a better job of explaining how viruses operate and what makes them so deadly than the textbooks she read in nursing school.  She tells new nurses to buy my book and read it.

With decades representing his body of work in technology and Chemical Engineering, “Bob”, as he is fondly called by many, has decided to tread his golden road, writing exciting, heart-stopping fiction, and continues to follow the call of his dreams.

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