Proven Fundamentals in Writing Your Next Story

Before delving oneself into sleepless nights of writing a novel, one should always put in front of their thoughts that there is no easy way. Each novel, whether it may be an award-winning piece or just an underground hobby; requires an intricate structure, well-versed plots, and an edge to make it stand out among hundreds of others. To provide a better view of how it’s really done, here are steps to start with.

  • Reflect on the Setting

Setting covers two of the most essential matters in a novel, the place and the time. When considering the scenery of a novel, there has to be a brief amount of specific details as to where and when the story takes place. Furthermore, focusing on the background and explanations concerning with the chosen situation also is a great aid in providing the reader a better outlook and engagement towards the story.

  • The Conflict

The human mind is easily played with when it is fed with chaos and turmoil. Every novel begins with conflict. It drives and at the same time directs the story into where it is going. It enhances the character’s involvement and attributes, which can lead to the reader’s higher attachment into them.

  • Set A Reasonable Time Pace For Yourself

Little is better than nothing. Even with just thirty to fifty pages a week or four hundred words a day, progress is progress no matter how small or big it is. Set a realistic deadline for yourself and try not to break them; this will help you maintain your development and improve vital areas of the story. You will realize that after a month, little steps can make a big difference.

  • Ask a Trusted Acquaintance To Check on Your Progress

While it is not wrong to share something that you’re proud of, flashing your novel into everyone you know might not be the smartest decision that’s ever existed. Good feedback, support, and praise from your readers may be overly tempting, but letting them dive in too early might result in opinions and ideas that can stir up your plot. Give yourself time to visualize your novel before other’s visualization interrupts. After all, it is yours. There are plenty of books written by the alliance, but as a starting writer, writing your piece is a significant milestone into improving your skills. Only choose your most trusted reader to have a say in your novel.

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