Meet Nancy Lynne Harris, the Author Who Wants To Heal Alcoholism, Mental Illness & Drug Addiction

I interviewed Nancy Lynne Harris about this new book, Invasion Revealed which explains the negative elements that invade our mental realm from a spiritual perspective.

As a spiritual teacher, she teaches people how to shift their energy to change their own blood chemistry to heal themselves from chronic illnesses. Nancy Harris is known for her ability to heal depression and glaucoma, and as a published author, she has written the following books on these subjects: Miracles Master the Art: Healing Medically Incurable Illness, Heal Yourself of Anything: Example Glaucoma and Consciously Overcome Mental Illness.

Here are some things that we discuss:

  • Tell us a little about yourself. Where do you come from and where do you call ‘home’?

I was born in Kansas, but I have lived in Germany, California, Washington, Kentucky, Georgia and currently in Eugene, Oregon.

  • What first led you to study spiritual healing?

My second son Michael was born with congenital glaucoma. The doctors caught it immediately because his eyes were unusually large. The fluid was flowing into his eyes without being able to get out fast enough to prevent damage to the optic nerve, which can result in blindness if left untreated. The doctors performed surgery twice on his eyes before he was 18 months old so the fluid could escape better. I was searching for the answer to his healing and just happened to move across the street from a lady in Santa Barbara who taught a class in spiritual healing.  This class taught me that my thinking causes. So, by identifying the source of the pressure in my life, and getting that changed, she said Michael could be healed. I knew the source of the pressure in my life was my domineering mother-in-law who wanted her way, even though her son (my husband) and I had 3 small children and had been married for several years. Once I understood that Michael’s glaucoma was the manifestation of my negative feelings of being controlled by my mother-in-law, I stood up to her and said NO to her demands for the first time in my marriage. By reversing my way of dealing with her and saying NO, Michael’s glaucoma vanished and that was the end of the problem. He was 9 years old when his glaucoma vanished.

  • You’re now a highly regarded spiritual healer and a shaman. For readers who are not familiar with those terms, what does that involve?

A spiritual healer deals with the spiritual energy that we are made of, rather than trying to fix the body by taking a pill or having surgery. Our thinking controls our spiritual energy, but, as children, we get no training in how to think correctly to control the energy for positive results, and then we wonder why we grow up to be alcoholics, drug addicts, murderers, and sex offenders. We live in ignorance of what we actually are. We live in a world where we are not trained as children to love ourselves for protection. We are taught that loving the Self is conceited. According to the dictionary, the word conceit actually means, “endowed with intelligence and imagination, favorably minded, thinking, mental activity, high estimation, ingenious, aptitude, discernment, originality, and resourcefulness.” Synonyms are “clever, idea, concept, judgment, self-love, understand, self-esteem, and admiration.” The opposite word, conceitless, means “lack of understanding.” A synonym for conceitless is “ignorance.”

Teach your little children to love themselves while they are little so they will grow up to be “functional” (rather than dysfunctional) as adults.

  • What inspired you to write Invasion Revealed: Healing Alcoholism, Mental Illness, and Drug Addiction? Did it come from any particular personal experience?

My dad was an alcoholic. Many doctors came to our home to give him shots to help him sleep, but there was no cure for his problem. He died at age 52. I have lost two sons and my ex-husband to alcohol, drugs, and suicide. After the death of my son Michael, I went into depression for about 8 years. You just don’t lose your children. I thought I’d been a bad mother. Then I tried the pills and meds, saw my counselor 49 times according to her, but nothing was working to heal me. So, one day after many years of illness, I sat down on my couch, covered my eyes with my hands and looked inward. Within my mind, I saw creatures with eyes looking back at me. I could actually see these demons that had invaded my mind. They were screaming in my mind like a blaring radio. From that point on, I began to say, “I believe in myself,” and they loudly objected. So, I said, “I love myself with all my heart, soul, and mind,” and they continued to object, but also began to leave my mental space. It took me 8 months of positive self-loving heal myself of depression. I became better than I had ever been to before. Now I teach others how to overcome dysfunction. You have to love yourself all the time to stay well.

  • Your book talks about the power of the spirit. What does that mean to you?

The spiritual energy that we are made of is all-powerful. It is your life, your breath, your thoughts, your aura, your chakras. It is the invisible part of you. You move the spiritual energy you are made of with the words you think and speak. St. John said, “The Word was God.” That means the words we speak and think move spiritual energy.

  • Did you enjoy the process of writing? What do you like most? Planning your content, writing it, or the editing process?

As a spiritual teacher, it’s not so much about the physical things – planning, writing, or editing – it’s more about the expression of things I know to be true, how I overcame a problem, sharing deep spiritual truths that can help people heal their problems.

  • Did you have any particular audience in mind when you were writing?

Yes, want to tell counselors, parents, and patients how to heal dysfunction on earth including alcoholism, depression, mental illness, and drug addiction. Getting people to listen seems impossible even though there are millions of dysfunctional people who could be helped if they read my books.

  • Your website says that in addition to your qualification in spiritual healing you’re a certified teacher of Piano with a Bachelor’s Degree in piano performance. Given what must be a love for music, what did you listen to while you were writing?

As a nationally certified piano teacher, I play and listen to jazz piano, but not while writing.

  • Your book doesn’t take long to read, you’ve really pared it down to create something very accessible.  Did you find that difficult?

I formed my company GodSpirits United, LLC to present workshops and to teach people how to heal medically incurable illnesses the spiritual way.

       Q. If readers were to take away just one piece of advice from your book, what would it be?

             Currently, I am trying to improve the books I have already written.

This book is a compelling, informative and memorable health and wellbeing book that compelled me to read as well as inform me from beginning to end thanks to the books insightful and useful knowledge. Invasion Revealed is a book I was happy to discover because it deals with an important subject in a unique but incredible way and I was eager to read about this alternative way to healing.   


Nancy Lynne Harris, M.A., shaman, and spiritual teacher, is the founder of GodSpirits United, LLC, a company that helps people recover from medically incurable illnesses and addictions by teaching them how to shift their energy for healing. She is a graduate of The Four Winds Society founded by Dr. Alberto Villoldo. She has also studied with Don Oscar Miro-Quesada and James Van Praagh. She is certified as a Theta healer and graduated from the Eschatology Foundation as a spiritual teacher. Ms. Harris asked Spirit to let her serve when she realized she was healing chronic medically incurable illnesses because of her deep understanding of how Jesus moved energy.

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